Errors when you Prime

If you make a mistake when priming here are some of the errors Scassandra will produce.

Conflicting primes

When priming for the same query with different consistencies be sure that two different primes do not overlap. E.g One prime for query X for consistencies ONE and TWO and another for the same query X with consistency TWO. This will result in the following error message and a HTTP 405.

{ "errorMessage":"Conflicting Primes", "existingPrimes": ...}

Type mismatch

If there is discrepancy between any row values and its column type, scassandra-server responds with Bad Request. The response body contains all detected type mismatches.

Example request:

   "when": {
     "query" :"select * from fruits"
   "then": {
     "rows" :[
            {"name":"Orange", "weight_kg": "so light!", "due_date": "1399931804"},
            {"name":"Watermelon", "weight_kg":"5", "due_date": "last week"}
     "column_types" : { "name" : "varchar" , "weight_kg": "int", "due_date": "timestamp"}

Corresponding response:

  "typeMismatches": [{
    "value": "so light!",
    "name": "weight_kg",
    "columnType": "int"
  }, {
    "value": "last week",
    "name": "due_date",
    "columnType": "timestamp"