The current version of Scassandra is primarily aimed at Java developers. The next version will have more focus on the standalone version of Scassandra.

However if you want to use Scassandra from a language/system other than Java, and you don't want to wait for version 1.0 then you are in the right place.

You'll need to checkout https://github.com/scassandra/scassandra-server and run

./gradlew server:fatJar

This will build you a standalone jar in server/build/libs that you can start with:

java -jar <jar>

The default ports are:

  • Cassandra Binary Port: 8042
  • Admin/Priming Port: 8043

To override the ports / log level use the following java properties:



java -jar -Dscassandra.binary.port=1234 -Dscassandra.admin.port=4566 -Dscassandra.log.level=INFO scassandra-server_2.11-0.8.1-standalone.jar

Once you have the server up and running see all the pages in the menu for how to prime/verify activity.