Using Hamcrest matchers to verify interactions with Scassandra

If you want to verify things like Consistency, or that the correct variables were bound in a prepared statement then you need to retrieve the recorded activity from the Activity Client. Details on the activity client can be found here

However working directly with the Query and PreparedStatementExecution objects can be tedious as a lot of type information is lost when sending the recorded activity via JSON.

That's why we have a Hamcrest matcher to do it for you, with the necessary casting etc all hidden away,

Let's see how we verify a prepared statement is executed at a particular consistency with the correct variables bound.

First off import the matchers:

import static org.scassandra.matchers.Matchers.*;

Now lets say you've primed the following prepared statement:

String query = "select * from blah where condition = ?";
PrimingRequest primingRequest = PrimingRequest.preparedStatementBuilder()

And you want to verify that it was called you can now do this:

PreparedStatementExecution expectedStatement = PreparedStatementExecution.builder()
assertThat(activityClient.retrievePreparedStatementExecutions(), preparedStatementRecorded(expectedStatement));

So first we just build up our expected execution then just pass it to the matcher.

To see which Java types you should use for each CQL type see here

Often Strings are used so we don't lose floating point precision.