Column Types

At the moment you use Strings for the majority of the CQL types.

CQL Type Java Type Example
ascii String "a string column"
bigint int or long or String or BigInteger "2222222222" or new BigInteger("123")
blob String or ByteBuffer Hexidecimal String like cqlsh takes. "0x0012345435345345435435"
boolean Boolean true
counter String or long "11111111"
decimal String "13.6"
double String "20.5"
float String "30.5"
int String or int "5" or 5
timestamp Long 1234l (unix time stamp) System.currentTimerMillis()
varchar String "a varchar"
varint String or BigInteger "11111111"
timeuuid String or UUID "59ad61d0-c540-11e2-881e-b9e6057626c4" or UUID.fromString("59ad61d0-c540-11e2-881e-b9e6057626c4")
inet String "" or "fdda:5cc1:23:4::1f"