So far we have tested Scassandra with the following drivers:

  • Datastax Java Driver 2
  • Datastax Java Driver 2.1
  • Datastax Java Driver 3.0

Support may be added in the future for:

  • Astyanax

Why does the driver matter? Because Scassandra is pretending to be Cassandra and the driver what we need to fool! Each driver does different queries on start up and expects slightly different responses. Fortunately the Datstax Java Drivers don't require anything to be in the system keyspace, if there is nothing there it just carries on. However the Python Datastax Driver blows up if no rows come back from its query on system.local.

Getting started

The Scassandra Java Client is in Maven central. See the GitHub Releases page for the latest version number.

You can add it as a dependency:


dependencies {
  testCompile 'org.scassandra:java-client:1.0.0'



If you have dependency clashes with Guava, Apache Http Client etc try the standalone version:


There are four important classes you'll deal with from Java:

  • ScassandraFactory - used to create instances of Scassandra
  • Scassandra - interface for starting/stopping Scassandra and getting hold of a PrimingClient and an ActivityClient
  • PrimingClient - sends priming requests to Scassandra RESTful admin interface
  • ActivityClient - retrieves all the recorded queries and prepared statements from the Scassandra RESTful admin interface

The PrimingClient and ActivityClient have been created to ease integration for Java developers. Otherwise you would need to construct JSON and send it over HTTP to Scassandra.

You can start a Scassandra instance per unit test and clear all primes and recorded activity between tests.

private static PrimingClient primingClient;
private static ActivityClient activityClient;
private static Scassandra scassandra;

public static void startScassandraServer() throws Exception {
   scassandra = ScassandraFactory.createServer();
   primingClient = scassandra.primingClient();
   activityClient = scassandra.activityClient();

You can also add a AfterClass to close Scassandra down:

 public static void shutdown() {

Example project

To see how to use Scassandra in your Java unit and integration tests see the following example project:

Scassandra Java Example

And particularly the ExampleDaoTest:

Example JUnit test